All I Need To Know To Pass NCLEX I Learned in Kindergarten

  • Have you failed NCLEX before? How to pass NCLEX on your second attempt or on your next try? Read this DIY eBook and it will change your life. It goes against conventional wisdom and reveals the truth they didn’t want you to know about passing the NCLEX test. If you are a foreign-educated nurse, you get bonus FAQs on Do-It-Yourself DIY NCLEX Application Processing.
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  • This eye-opener eBook is created for test-takers who failed the NCLEX-RN® exam. It bucks conventional wisdom and uncovers the life-changing truth as it opens your eyes to the natural-born skills you never knew existed inside of you to pass NCLEX. It goes against the tradition and teaches you genius skills to answer the NCLEX-RN questions correctly .  
  • This eBook uses a style of writing that enables you to understand the message of the author the first time you read it. It uses very simple phrases and expressions to help you answer NCLEX questions in the easiest way possible. It uses clear sentences and everyday words to teach you the skills you need to finally pass the NCLEX exam.   
  • This eBook is NOT an NCLEX Review Course.
  • This eBook is NOT Review Material.
  • This eBook is NOT a Practice Test Questions Book.
  • This eBook DOES NOT have Practice Questions and Answers.
  • This eBook DOES NOT have step-by-step instructions on how to apply for NCLEX. Rather, this eBook has frequently asked questions (FAQs) for foreign-educated nurses who wish to apply for NCLEX.
  • This eBook is ALL of the following:
  • This eBook is a compilation of personal techniques for passing NCLEX.
  • This eBook is a set of simple tricks on how to properly answer an NCLEX question.
  • This eBook has frequently asked questions for foreign-educated nurses on how to apply for NCLEX. It does not include step-by-step instructions.
  • Preparing for the NCLEX exam is quite overwhelming if you don’t have a brilliant strategy. Practicing on review books and test banks could be time-consuming and might be of little help if you haven’t acquired the necessary skills in answering an NCLEX question correctly.
  • As a matter of fact, scientific research has shown that merely memorizing, familiarizing, and even just practicing on test questions do not guarantee success.
  • This eBook is an eye-opener. It goes against conventional wisdom and teaches you genius skills to answer NCLEX-RN questions correctly.
  • This eBook is brief.
  • This eBook is easy to read.
  • This eBook is written in simple, plain English.

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