DIY NCLEX GUIDE for Filipino Nurses with Do It Yourself Application Processing FAQs on How To Apply from Philippines

Do you ever wonder how average nursing students who didn’t do exceptionally well in college pass the NCLEX exam?

You may wonder what the secret is.

Here’s the good news! I’ve made several important DIY (Do-It-Yourself Guide) observations on passing the NCLEX test, based on my interviews with many Filipino nurses and so-called “average nurses.”

But first, I’d like to share some of my professional experiences to reassure you that the success stories of average nurses you read on social media are real. I’m guessing most of the prominent news you see on Facebook comes from the Philippines.

I know from my own experience that those are true success stories. Most of the Filipino nurses I’ve met throughout my career had passed the NCLEX. For several years, I worked as an NCLEX Processing Specialist. My job was to assist nurses from foreign countries with their NCLEX applications so they can obtain eligibility to take the exam.

I have handled thousands of academic records. I’ve seen a lot of school grades. The majority of the nurses I have worked with did not have exceptional grades. Only average passing grades. Nonetheless, they passed the NCLEX exam. All thanks to a few DIY (Do-It-Yourself) principles guide and clever tactics that I’m about to share with you.

Just so we’re clear…

These are not my ideas, and I make no claim to them. Rather, they are based on interviews I have conducted with my client nurses. I’ve learned a lot about how to pass the NCLEX test because of these interviews. As a result, I’ve put together a brief eBook with a set of clever principles and personal tricks that my client nurses have shared with me.

In addition, I’d like to be clear about what this eBook is and is not.

This eBook is NOT an NCLEX Review Course.

This eBook is NOT Review Material.

This eBook is NOT a Practice Test Questions Book.

This eBook DOES NOT have Practice Questions and Answers.

This eBook DOES NOT have step-by-step instructions on how to apply for NCLEX. Rather it contains FAQs Frequently Asked Questions on the NCLEX application process.

This eBook is:

This eBook is a compilation of personal secret techniques for passing NCLEX.

This eBook is a set of simple tricks on how to properly answer an NCLEX question.

This eBook contains FAQs Frequently Asked Questions for Filipino/Foreign nurses on how best to apply for NCLEX. It does not include step-by-step instructions (See the earlier discussion on what this eBook is NOT).

This eBook is brief.

This eBook is easy to read.

This eBook is written in simple, plain English.

Get instant access by clicking the download button below. When you purchase this eBook, you will receive a confirmation email that contains the password to access and download the eBook.

NO REFUND POLICY. This eBook is NON-REFUNDABLE. Once purchased, you will have an instant access and therefore cannot be returned or refunded. You will receive a confirmation email with your password so you can access and download this eBook.

If you have any questions, contact me at:

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